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Trucks, excavators, agricultural machines, tractors: ECL has been transporting everything that can drive and roll for over 25 years. Seeing this as a specialism that involves certain safety risks, not all scheduled shipping services transport rolling stock. How does shipping rolling stock work?

Loading rolling stock

We mostly ship second-hand rolling stock. It may be at the end of its lifespan in Europe, but it is still perfectly suitable for a second or third life in South American countries such as: Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad or Venezuela. There are many risks associated with shipping rolling stock, both during the loading process and during the actual shipping. That is why we use highly advanced equipment and work with experienced teams built on trust.

''Time and time again, our employees manage to transport vehicles safely from A to B.''

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For rolling stock, we regularly use the BEAU Trader, a 118-metre ship that can carry 6,300 tonnes of cargo. We have 2 cranes at our disposal to load trucks, which helps us load about 4 trucks onto the ship every hour.

Making sure that the trucks are perfectly balanced and in exactly the right spot can be a challenging task. Watch the video to see how intense such operations can be with your own eyes.

On-board control

Time and time again, our employees manage to transport vehicles safely from A to B. Trucks, for instance, are always secured safely with heavy chains by our crew. During the voyage, they also go on deck every day to check if the trucks are still properly secured, regardless of the weather.

''We always adapt our methods & activities to new rules and regulations in foreign countries.''

New rules and challenges

Loading, shipping and unloading are major challenges in and of themselves, but the countries we ship to also have a habit of changing the rules every now and then. Naturally, we always adapt accordingly, so that we can continue to unload goods in these countries.

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