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Caribbean transport service such as Vertraco’s South Caribbean Service is a great way to ship cargo from Europe to the Caribbean. In this article we will discuss some of the things you might want to know before shipping cargo or transporting goods to the Caribbean, such as: the importance of choosing a reputable shipping company, some of the differentCaribbean transport options available and Information about the South Caribbean Service.
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Caribbean Transport: importance of choosing a reputable company

Caribbean Transport, shipping goods from Europe across the North Atlantic Ocean can be quite the task. Rough seas, logistical difficulties, and all kinds of unexpected problems might arise. When choosing a shipping company to help you with your endeavours it is important to make sure you choose a company with enough experience and an excellent reputation in order to make sure your goods arrive safely and in a timely manner.

Caribbean Transport: a reliable partner

With Vertraco’s many years of experience in Caribbean transport, you can be sure your goods are in the right hands. Vertraco is an expert in transporting break bulk and other cargo types to the Caribbean. We offer complete logistical care and excellent customer communication and care is of great importance to us, whether it is for multinationals, small businesses or individuals.

Caribbean Transport types

With Vertraco’s Caribbean Transport service, you can transport almost any type of cargo to the Caribbean quickly and safely. Whatever the size or type, we will be able to find a solution that is accommodated to you and will suit your needs. Vertraco is an expert in transporting all kinds of cargo. Here are some examples of the different types of cargo transportation that Vertraco offers as part of Caribbean transport:

  • Pallet transport: Pallets can be loaded with a wide variety of cargo, this comes in especially handy when transporting to places in the Caribbean where there are no container shipping services yet. Pallet transport allows for direct transport without the need for transshipment.
  • Reefer service and reefer containers are used to transport perishable goods that need to be kept at a specific temperature.
  • Other examples include break and dry bulk. Break bulk is also known as general cargo and is cargo that is stored outside of containers as individual units on the ship. While dry bulk is bulk cargo which is carried in solid form, examples would be minerals or wood chips.

Caribbean transport
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Caribbean transport: The South Caribbean Service

Vertraco’s South Caribbean transport service ships to different ports in the Caribbean from several ports in Europe. This service operates once a month, information about the schedule and all ports on the route can be found by clicking here. In case you wish to reach any destinations outside of the ports listed on the schedule, this is possible and we would happily help arrange this for you through cooperation with some of our reliable partners

Caribbean Transport: learn more

Want to know about Caribbean Transport or any of the other services offered by Vertraco? Feel free to reach out to our Knowledge Centre for a quotation, advice or any questions you might have and we would love to assist you.


Vertraco Shipping has been an expert in worldwide transport and forwarding for over 35 years. Sea transport is our business.

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