How does pallet transport work?


Hoe gaat pallet transport in zijn werk?_2

Some countries do not have container shipping companies, in which case pallet transport can be a good solution. At ECL, we regularly transport pallets to the Caribbean and various countries in South America.

Pallet transport

Pallet transport is often destined for Venezuela’s Orinoco River, where there are no container shipping companies yet. Countries such as Suriname and Guyana do have the requisite facilities, but this will generally require transhipment. The containers are first shipped to an island, where they are picked up by another ship. We believe that this costs way too much time and effort and prefer using pallet transport, as this lets us ship your goods directly.

Loading pallets

Pallet transport is very diverse and can involve a wide range of cargo, from construction materials, animal feed and stones to furniture and lighting. The process requires a lot of careful thinking and planning. Which goods can and cannot be stacked? What can stand side by side and what cannot?

''All our wood has been heat treated.''

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Hoe gaat pallet transport in zijn werk?_1

For example, we will never place a pallet full of tiles next to a pallet with light bulbs, as it is always possible that heavier pallets and lighter pallets collide. Furthermore, we thoroughly secure all pallets using dunnage, for instance, to ensure that the cargo will remain firmly in place during rough weather at sea.

Heat treatment

All our wood, including pallet wood, has been heat treated and meets ISPM 15 requirements, which lets us avoid transporting harmful organisms.

We can usually arrange pallet transport in the short term. To use our pallet transport services, please contact one of our employees. They will listen carefully to your needs & wishes and prepare a suitable quote. We travel the same route every month: From Antwerp to Hull, Gijon, Georgetown, Paramaribo, Point Lisas, Matanzaz/Puerto Ordaz and back to Rotterdam. We can also offer to ship sufficiently large cargoes to other destinations in this region.

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