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Vertraco Shipping is the managing- and commercial agent of Europe Caribbean Line (ECL). ECL is our own, unique shipping company between Northwest Europe and the north coast of South America. ECL has two separate shipping services.

The Reefer service

Europe Caribbean Line (ECL) makes it possible to ship goods quickly, directly, and frequently from Northwest Europe to the countries of Guyana and Suriname. This unique transport service from Vertraco is ideal for both private individuals and businesses. We bring all types of cargo (from the smallest parcel to the largest machines and containers) to these two South American countries.

Every 2 weeks a ship departs from Dover and Flushing with the harbours of Paramaribo, Suriname and Georgetown, Guyana as its final destinations. In addition, another ship departs from Dover to Guyana every week! These services are the fastest possible sea connection between these countries.

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We have a reliable, experienced network in Guyana and Suriname. We can therefore deliver your goods quickly and efficiently to every desired destination in both countries. A safe arrival is guaranteed.

The South Caribbean Service

This is a monthly service with fixed ports of call at Antwerp (Belgium), Hull (United Kingdom), Gijón (Spain), Georgetown (Guyana), Paramaribo (Surinam), Point Lisas (Trinidad), Matanzas/Puerto Ordaz (Venezuela), and Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Other destinations in the region outside of these ports can also be reached. The ships in this service transport both import and export cargo.

The normal ECL cargo package consists mainly of break bulk, rolling stock, yachts, bulk goods (including rice and grain), and project cargo. Our ships and crew are perfectly equipped and trained to transport this cargo quickly and safely.

The strength of the Europe Caribbean Line (ECL) is, amongst other things, the specialised transport of break bulk (cargo) and project cargo to and from the north coast of South America and the Caribbean. Our ships are fully equipped for this, as are our specialised stevedores and agents. We are 100 percent responsive to serving customers with all types of cargo: anything is possible.

Every year, ECL ships substantial tons of break bulk and project cargo, including a relatively large amount of rolling stock and yachts. We guarantee all our customers a custom solution to every transport demand. Efficiency and personal service are key.


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