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Vertraco Shipping B.V. has been the expert in shipping and expedition worldwide for over 35 years. Transport by sea is our profession. Our customers (from multinationals to small businesses and individuals) are confident to leave their products in our capable hands.

"We transport your goods quickly, efficiently, and safely to wherever you want."

Our strength lies in our years of experience, dedication, and extensive knowledge of general cargo and project cargo (break bulk). Our goal is to be flexible, efficient, and in constant contact with our customers. That is what makes Vertraco a reliable partner for all your logistics needs.

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Shipping service ECL

We specialise in shipping goods to the Caribbean and the northern coast of South America. We do that with our own shipping service ECL.

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Global logistics and expedition

We bring your merchandise to literally all corners of the world, from the smallest parcel to the largest machine. We keep our customers personally informed of the progress.

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Logistics partnerships

By collaborating with strong logistics partners like Kestrel Global Logistic and Tropical Global Logistic we can operate quickly and efficiently in Central America, the Caribbean, and other parts of the US.

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Europe Caribbean Line

Safety, reliability, efficiency, speed, and a tailored approach

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We bring all your cargo types quickly, directly, and safely from the Netherlands and England to the South American countries of Guyana and Suriname. This Europe Caribbean Line (ECL) service sails fortnightly taking break bulk, containers, and project cargo to the ports of Georgetown and Paramaribo.


South Carribean Service

Ships, agents, and stevedores of Europe Caribbean Line (ECL) are fully equipped to transport break bulk and project cargo to and from the northern coast of South America and the Caribbean. Every year we ship around 200,000 tons of break bulk and project cargo, including a lot of rolling stock and yachts.


Complete logistical care

We guarantee a customised solution for every transport demand and completely unburden our customers. From first contact to delivery, we take care of your logistics assignment for you. You can count on a worry-free, problem-free execution. We track the location of the loads in real time and can share them with you (if you want).


From multinationals to individuals

Our services are available to everyone: from multinationals to small businesses and individuals. We keep our customers personally informed of the progress of the transport.

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