Shipping wind turbines from point A to point B

The green transition means that shipping wind turbines is increasingly commonplace to help meet the demand for renewable energy sources.

Given their large size and awkward dimensions, transporting wind turbines is a huge challenge requiring a lot of advanced preparation and skill in execution.

For such an undertaking, you need a trusted logistics partner.

With Vertraco, you can draw upon our 35 years of expertise in worldwide logistics services to ensure your wind turbines arrive at their destination safely and efficiently.

Vertraco understands the challenges involved in windturbineshipping and has the competence to ensure it is managed professionally from point A to point B.

Starting with a project plan comprising the initial lift of the wind turbine cargo through to arranging its transport by land, sea, and/or rail, we work to minimize risk and deliver your goods as expediently as possible.

Wind turbine shipping
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What modes of transport are possible for shipping wind turbines?

Windturbinelogistics poses many logistical challenges due to their size and weight but they can nonetheless be shipped by trucks, trains, and vessels.

Indeed, it is likely you will need to use all three at some point when shipping wind turbines.

Shipping wind turbines by vessels

Shipping wind turbines by vessel is the cheapest method but still requires expert knowledge, considered planning, and specialist equipment. It is especially crucial that the carrier and the loading company have a joint storage and lashing plan for ensuring the wind turbine remains safely and securely in place throughout the voyage.

Shipping wind turbines by road

Some wind turbine parts are disassembled before shipping but the blades must be transported in one piece. This poses unique challenges for wind turbine transport by truck.

Double or even triple longitudinal trucks with up to seven axles may be required for transporting wind turbine blades up to 60 meters long.

Even with the right trucking equipment, it is imperative to carefully plan the route as many roads will be too narrow or involve various impediments that need to be worked around.

Wind turbine shipping ship
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Shipping wind turbines by rail

Shipping wind turbines by rail is also a complicated process requiring specialist platforms and close coordination with railway authorities.

However, rail is better suited to transporting large, one-dimensional loads such as wind turbines than trucks. As well as being able to transport longer wind turbines, rail is also safer for wind turbine transport than by road.

Shipping wind turbines with Vertraco

Vertraco has extensive experience in shipping wind turbines across the world safely and efficiently.

We liaise with our logistics partners from all corners of the globe to ensure that whether it is by road, rail, or sea, your wind turbines are shipped with utmost care.

Not only do we take care of the logistics of shipping wind turbines, we arrange all the necessary documentation on your behalf and consult with you throughout on the progress of your shipment.

If you’d like to find out more about shipping wind turbines, get in touch with one of our expert advisors to discuss your needs.


Vertraco Shipping has been an expert in worldwide transport and forwarding for over 35 years. Sea transport is our business.

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