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Shipping to Barbados


With 35 years of experience shipping cargo all over the globe, here at Vertraco, we are at home in the complex world of sea transport. For many years we have transported goods to the Caribbean, developing strong ties with, and gathering invaluable knowledge of, the ports in the region. We know the capabilities and limitations of the ports, along with what can be unloaded where and how long the journey takes. 

Our specialist knowledge means we can handle the intricate and complicated logistics involved in shipping to Barbados any cargo you need to be transported. Even at a time when global shipping reliability has fallen to record lows across the industry, we are certain, thanks to our experience and expertise, we can ensure your cargo reaches its destination promptly and safely.

"We know the capabilities and limitations of the ports, along with what can be unloaded where and how long the journey takes."

Vertraco: Experts in Every Kind of Cargo

Whatever you need shipping to Barbados we can arrange. Our highly-skilled stevedores are experts at their work and able to deal with all kinds of custom requirements. 

The European Caribbean Line (ECL), on which Barbados is a stop, normally carries a mix of cargos, including break bulk, bulk goods, rolling stock, yachts, and project cargo. 

While we can handle any cargo with ease, when it comes to shipping to Barbados and other Caribbean islands our speciality lies in break bulk cargo. Our ships are equipped to meet the specific requirements this sort of cargo demands, and our crews have decades of experience. 

The kind of break bulk cargo we are typically shipping to Barbados - or back to Europe on the return trip - includes steel beams, steel pipes, pallets of potatoes, pallets of oil barrels, vehicles, and yachts. But anything is possible.

We also regularly carry bulk cargo on the ECL, typically such bulk products as grain, rice, fertiliser, and animal feed. We ship tonnes of bulk cargo every year, both to and from the Caribbean.

Our stevedores and ships crews are committed professionals, and our logistics teams are highly trained and experienced. Working together, we are experts at transporting cargo of every kind. No matter whether we are shipping to Barbados or beyond. 


Shipping to Barbados with Vertraco 

Our years of experience shipping to Barbados allow us to offer all our customers personal and customisable service. For whatever you want to ship, we will find an efficient solution that meets your requirements by working with you and keeping you informed every step of the way.

If you are uncertain whether we can handle your cargo, or if there is extra information you need regarding any aspect of the shipping service we offer, then contact us today. We will be happy to hear from you. 

Shipping to Barbados: The Shipping Schedule

If you’re interested in shipping to Barbados with Vertraco, then check our South Caribbean Line shipping schedule here or request a quote directly.

Please note that while the schedule includes fixed ports of call, the schedule can be altered to accommodate your needs. For example, extra stops can be added if our usual port does not meet the necessary requirements to load or unload your cargo, or if you wish it to be delivered to a destination not included on the usual route.

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