What is project cargo?


Wat houdt projectlading in?_2

Some cargo is too large or heavy to be transported by just any ship, as loading it would simply be too difficult. In that case, a project-based approach is required. ECL specialises in project cargo. Nothing is too heavy, too long, too wide or too high for us. We will make sure that all your cargo safely reaches its destination.

Project cargo

Project cargo can involve anything from entire power plants, subway cars, wind turbine components, parts of bridges, or any other cargo that cannot be packaged because it simply does not fit in a box or container. This usually requires careful preparations, because we have to deal with all sorts of technical specifications. We will have to draw up lifting plans, for instance, and source advanced packaging materials. Our employees may have to weld brackets in place and install a big amount of chains to secure the project cargo, for example. Often, we have to rent the lifting materials required for such cargo.

Power plant to the tropics

Of course, we also have to pore over all sorts of calculations to find out what kind of ship we will need and how we can load the goods as efficiently as possible. After all, we want to take as much cargo with us as possible and always try to fill the ship in terms of weight and volume.

''The preparation process for project cargo is entirely without obligation.''

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Wat houdt projectlading in?_1

We also prepare ourselves for the unloading process. If we are delivering parts of a power plant to a tropical island, for instance, it is important that we bring our own cranes, as these are often lacking on islands.

Discussing project cargo

Based on all the available information, we draw up a plan and discuss it with the client. If they agree, we can get started on the project. The preparation process is entirely without obligation. You only pay if you agree. It often takes a few months before we can actually ship your project cargo, so it is important to start preparing on time.

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