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Grain, rice, fertiliser, ore and animal feed are all examples of bulk cargo. Every year, ECL ships many tonnes of bulk cargo from Europe to the Caribbean and vice versa. Our ships are fully equipped to do so and our crew knows exactly how to load, ship and unload bulk cargo.

Bulk cargo

When transporting bulk cargo, we comply with the IMSBC code (International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes code), with the exception of grain, in which case we stick to the International Grain code. By following these codes, we can guarantee that your goods are shipped safely, whilst also minimising health risks faced by our crew.

''We transport all bulk cargo in clean, airtight compartments.''

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First, we load your bulk cargo into our compartments, often covering it with bags to prevent it from shifting. It is important that the compartments are completely clean, especially when transporting food. If the hold is rusty, we will take care of this first. In some cases, it is even necessary to completely repaint the hold. Furthermore, we always ensure that the hatches are thoroughly closed and watertight, making sure that your bulk cargo will arrive at its destination safe and sound, where it can be accepted by the cargo owner.

Careful preparations

We usually load bulk cargo on specially equipped quays. If this is not possible, we will make sure that we have our own cranes and equipment at our disposal. We are very familiar with ports in the Caribbean and various parts of South America and know exactly what is and is not possible. In case of new rules & regulations, we always adapt our methods accordingly, so that we can continue to sail to these countries.

Every month, we have a ship sailing to the Caribbean and South America and back again. If you indicate that you would like us to transport your bulk cargo in time, we can schedule it for your preferred timeslot.  

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