Make a booking and receive this pink flamingo for free!



Summer in Holland!

It is getting hot this week. Very hot. The temperature will rise to 30 degrees en the sun will shine bright. What is the best solution to survive the heat and stay cool? Right, enjoying your free time in the water!

To make this moment a little more enjoyable and fun, we came up with the following idea: Make a booking and receive this pink flamingo for free! Not only fun for you, but also for your partner, son, daughter or even your dog. We guarantee: Fun for everone!


The giveaway

You have probably seen it already, but our colleagues are already a big fan of our pink friend an cannot wait to jump into the water. Would you like to have a flamingo too? That's possible!

  1. Make a booking through this form or get in contact with us to make a booking.
  2. Use the following code: flamingoECL
  3. You will receive a confirmation in your mailbox and we will send you the flamingo as soon as possible!


Get in contact

Would you like to have - before making a booking - more information about us or about our services? Please get in contact with us. We are willing to help. You can find our contactinformation below or you can send us a message through this form.

Contact information

Veldkersweg 35
3053 JR  Rotterdam
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Telephone  +31 (0)10 285 87 00
Fax  +31 (0)10 285 87 10

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