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Shipping to the Caribbean? Choose Vertraco as your reliable partner

When shipping to the Caribbean you want a trusted and reliable partner that delivers your goods quickly, efficiently, and safely to wherever you want. Whether you are a small business, multinational or individual, Vertraco will take care of your logistics needs. Continue reading to find out about the services offered and the types of cargo transported by Vertraco.

About Vertraco

Vertraco Shipping B.V. has been the expert in sea transport worldwide for the last 35 years. Running from Antwerp, Hull and Gijon to Georgetown, Paramaribo, Point Lisas, Matanzaz/Puerto Ordaz and back to Rotterdam, we specialize in shipping to the Caribbean. We have extensive knowledge of different types of cargo, ranging from break bulk to rolling stock. No matter the size, we have a suitable logistic solution for you.

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Services for shipping to the Caribbean

Vertraco Shipping is the managing- and commercial agent of Europe Caribbean Line (ECL). ECL offers two services for shipping to the Caribbean, running between Northwest Europe and the north coast of South America: the Reefer service and the South Caribbean Service.

The Reefer service

The Reefer service offers a unique option to ship goods quickly, directly, and frequently from Northwest Europe to the countries of Guyana and Suriname. Every 2 weeks a ship departs from Dover and Vlissingen heading to the harbours of Paramaribo in Suriname and Georgetown in Guyana. Not only is this service is the fastest possible sea connection between these countries, we also bring all types of cargo. Whether you want to ship a small parcel or a large machine, we will use our trusted network in Guyana and Suriname to ensure a safe and swift delivery to every desired location in both countries. View the sailing schedule here reefer service.

The South Caribbean Service

The South Caribbean Service includes a monthly sailing schedule for shipping to the Caribbean. The service has fixed ports of call at Antwerp (Belgium), Hull (United Kingdom), Gijón (Spain), Georgetown (Guyana), Paramaribo (Surinam), Point Lisas (Trinidad), Matanzas/Puerto Ordaz (Venezuela), and Rotterdam (The Netherlands). This does not mean that destinations outside of these ports cannot be reached. Through cooperation with our reliable partners logistics partnerships, we ensure delivery to all the Caribbean islands and Central America. View the sailing schedule here sailing schedule South Caribbean service.

Shipping to the Caribbean: what type of cargo?

ECL ships a wide variety of cargo to and from the Caribbean. Our ships and crew are well equipped and trained to transport cargo such as:

  • rolling stock
  • project cargo
  • steel cargo
  • bulk cargo
  • pallet transport

Containers - Shipping to the Caribbean
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Rolling stock

We have been transporting everything that can drive and roll for over 25 years. Whether it is a bulldozer, truck, or tractor, we have the expertise to deal with the safety risks that are involved in transporting this type of cargo. We use highly advanced equipment and work with experienced teams built on trust. Most of the rolling stock that we ship is second-hand and will be given a second or third life in South American countries such as: Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad or Venezuela. Read more about the way ECL transports rolling stock here this is how ecl transports rolling stock.

Project cargo

Certain types of cargo are too heavy or large to be transported by an ordinary ship. Such cargo requires a project-based approach, as every shipment is different. No matter the length, width, height, or weight, by listening carefully to our customers’ needs we develop a custom-made solution which ensures that the cargo safely reaches its destination.

Steel cargo

In the Caribbean, many buildings are made using European steel. The South Caribbean Service offers an ideal means to get these materials where they need to go. Whether steel pipes, beams, rolls, or reinforced steel, we make sure that steel cargo is stored below deck and secured well during transport. This way it will not come into contact with sea water and start rusting. Read more about the way we ship steel here how does shipping steel cargo work.

Bulk cargo

Bulk cargo includes things such as rice, grain, ore, animal feed and fertilizer. ECL ships many tons of bulk cargo between Europe and the Caribbean every year. We transport all bulk cargo in clean, airtight compartments to ensure that the cargo is protected. In doing so, we follow international codes for maritime cargo. Read more about the way we ship bulk cargo here shipping bulk cargo.

Pallet transport

Some countries in the Caribbean do not have container shipping companies. For example, in the case of Venezuela’s Orinoco River. In other cases, such as in Suriname and Guyana, containers are first shipped to an island, where they are picked up by another ship. As this takes a lot of time and effort, pallet transport offers a good alternative. A variety of goods can be shipped this way, ranging from construction materials, animal feed and stones to furniture and lighting. To ensure that goods do not get damaged, we put a lot of time and effort into carefully planning what goods can or cannot be stacked or stand side by side. Read more about the way we arrange pallet transport here how does pallet transport work.

Shipping to the Caribbean with Vertraco

Do you want to use the services offered by Vertraco for shipping to the Caribbean? Please do not hesitate to ask us a question or contact us. You can also immediately request a quotation and we will get back to you quickly.
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