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Surinam shipping


In these times of unprecedented globalisation, there are more naval connections than ever before. If you are looking for a company that does Surinam shipping, you are sure to find solutions. But whether this is a qualitative solution, is not set in stone. Shipping is an art like any other, or maybe even harder than any other vocation. More shipping companies are active than ever, but the oceans are rough as ever. Even if there is a captain that knows how to take on storms and hurricanes without losing the smallest piece of freight, even if he can navigate his ship through the smallest opening, his service often fails. Loading and unloading is unnecessarily complicated and takes up much more time of the client than needed, and a lack of updates during the journey means that the client is in the dark and cannot plan to advance his business. Only very few shipping companies combine masterful shipping with top-notch service to their clients - and fortunately for those shipping Surinam, Vertraco is one of them.

"Vertraco is part of this solid foundation, which of course includes the well-known Dutch maritime tradition."

Surinam shipping with a rich history

Every two weeks, a ship leaves from Europe to South America. It is the Europe Caribbean Line, the ECL, that is operated by Vertraco. It is a direct connection with several unique and important destinations. It has fixed ports of call at Antwerp (Belgium), Hull (United Kingdom), Gijón (Spain), Georgetown (Guyana), Paramaribo in Surinam, Point Lisas (Trinidad), Matanzas/Puerto Ordaz (Venezuela) - and then, the ECL returns to its home base, the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. This port is the largest port of Europe, and one of the most technologically advanced ports in the world. Vertraco is part of this solid foundation, which of course includes the well-known Dutch maritime tradition. For the company itself, it has an even more special bond with Surinam shipping: it is to Surinam that its first ships departed. And today, more than thirty years later, it is still a world-class player in shipping Surinam.


Surinam shipping with ease and trust

Its impeccable service and skillful shipping is not only out of respect for the client, but also the only way that Vertraco can compete with enormous multinational shipping companies - its quality is the reason Vertraco still exists. As of such, it can boast for example that never in its existence, cargo has gone missing. With its ECL, the client can be sure that their goods arrive in Surinam in ten days - a feat that big shipping companies struggle to imitate. Its service is another point of pride: whoever makes a request for Surinam shipping, will be guided by experienced employees. With expert and honest advice, a shipping plan is made, and the logistics are made as easy as possible. While the vessel is shipping Surinam, it keeps the home base up to date on all its adventures. In this way, anyone can continue calculating with reliable data.

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