Shipping to Virgin Islands is no child’s play

Shipping to Virgin Islands


Transporting goods to the other side of the world is not an easy task. Every load that outsizes a simple letter, requires a rigorous knowledge of the global shipping lines and good sense of planning – not in the last place for those who want to be shipping to Virgin Islands. Without these capabilities, it is easy for the cargo to end up in dubious hands, to disappear from the radar from weeks on end, or to cost exorbitant amounts. As anyone who tries their hand at logistics will soon find out: reliable and fast shipping to Virgin Islands requires solid experience in the field. The dedicated site Supply Chain Channel resumes it well when it simply states that “global logistics are hard to manage”.

Shipping to Virgin Islands with ample experience

For Vertraco, this is certainly not the first time that it is shipping to US Virgin Islands. Our company was founded over 35 years ago, operating from one of the biggest ports in the world, Rotterdam. In parallel to this Dutch mega-port, which handles more than 30 million tons of breakbulk every year, Vertraco has enjoyed a stable growth over many years thanks to solid strategies and plain mastership of its business. In particular, we have specialized in shipping goods between Europe and the Caribbean: for example, fixed ports of call of our South Caribbean Service liner service include Antwerp in Belgium, Gijón in Spain, Paramaribo in Suriname or Matanzas/Puerto Ordaz in Venezuela. When shipping to Virgin Islands, the safe shipping is assured by Kestrel Global Logistic and Tropical Global Logistic – in this case, we employ our experience to find the best partnerships that makes the cargo arrive safe and sound.

"One reason why we manage to persist for so long in the crowded shipping market, is the excellent training of our crew that manages any load."

Heart and brains in service of the marine ways

We ship almost everything to this area. From bulk cargo to steel, rolling stock to yachts, our crew can handle any type of goods. One reason why we manage to persist for so long in the crowded shipping market, is the excellent training of our crew that manages any load. As is for example visible in an interview with our veteran captain M. Schreuder, in any journey where Vertraco is involved, heart and brains are dedicated to the marine ways. These are the sailors that make sure that your shipment is delivered on time, are handled carefully, and that keep you up to date on their voyage.


Better shipping to Virgin Islands doesn’t exist

But our sailors are certainly not the only Vertraco employees are imbued with professionality. When you decide to join us in shipping to Virgin Islands, we will consider all your needs and wishes. Together we will arrive at an appropriate plan to safely get your goods to the other end of the world as fast as possible. Even if they are abnormal in terms of weight, width, length or weight, we will draw up a plan to take care of this project cargo. Our office counts only reliable employees, who are waiting to discuss the next shipping plan with you. If you would like more information or request a free quotation, do not hesitate to contact us! Before you know it, your cargo will be shipping to US Virgin Islands.

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