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Shipping to Guyana is straightforward and reliable with Vertraco

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In this article, you will discover:

  • How to start shipping to Guyana with Vertraco
  • What kind of cargo you can ship to Guyana
  • How long it takes to ship to Guyana

"The company has been founded over thirty years ago, but is part of the Dutch naval and mercantile history that spans over centuries."

Shipping to Guyana: A smooth service from Vertraco

Is your company interested in shipping to Guyana? With Vertraco, you will be served well. Through our shipping company Europe Caribbean Line (ECL), we run two separate services offering shipping to Guyana.

The Reefer Service is the fastest sea connection available. One ship departs from the Netherlands to the UK, Suriname and Guyana every two weeks. Our other ship departs from the Netherlands to Guyana every week.

The South Caribbean Service, meanwhile, departs monthly with multiple ports of call across Northwest Europe, the Caribbean, and Guyana, among other destinations along the north coast of South America. It can transport both import and export cargo.

Flexibility is key to Vertraco’s mission as well. If there is sufficient cargo, we can arrange additional stops in ports for both services across Western Europe and around the north coast of South America thanks to our extensive logistical network.

What are the cargo options for shipping to Guyana?

Over the course of 35 years providing worldwide logistics services, we have learned that each customer’s needs are different and demand a tailored response. That’s why, no matter what you are shipping to Guyana, Vertraco offers a custom solution for multinationals, small businesses, and individuals alike. Both the Reefer Service and South Carribean Service are equipped to take break bulk, containers and project cargo, including rolling stock and yachts. Our experienced stevedores can be counted up to safely and efficiently handle your cargo.

Shipping to Guyana: How long does it take?

From our home port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the South Carribean Service takes between three to four weeks to reach Georgetown in Guyana, depending on the number of stops along the way.

The Reefer Service leaves from Dover in England and arrives two days later at Vlissingen in the Netherlands. From there, it takes just 15 days to arrive at Georgetown. For each service, we provide a realistic advance estimate of your cargo’s arrival in Guyana, and keep you informed of its progress throughout the entire shipping duration.

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Shipping to Guyana: How much does it cost?

The cost of shipping to Guyana depends on the type of cargo. To get an idea, contact us with your shipping needs and we’ll provide a quotation with no obligation.

Shipping companies in Georgetown Guyana

Since 2015, we have partnered with two of the most reliable logistics service providers across the Caribbean islands and Central America; Kestrel Global Logistic and Tropical Global Logistic. By bringing together Vertraco’s expertise with these reliable and experienced shipping companies in Georgetown Guyana, we are able to offer an unparalleled service for shipping to Guyana from Europe.

Getting started with shipping to Guyana

Safety, reliability, efficiency, and speed through a tailored approach is what Vertraco’s shipping to Guyana service is all about. We can advise you at every step of the way on what shipping solution works best for you. Contact one of our agents today and get started with shipping to Guyana.

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