Vertom Joy: A State-of-the-Art Vessel


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We recently welcomed a new vessel into our fleet operating on the European Caribbean Line, the state-of-the-art MV Vertom Joy.

The christening of MV Vertom Joy took place in Vlissingen, in the province of Zeeland, Netherlands. Upon completion of the christening, Vertom Joy sailed up the Scheldt estuary to Antwerp where she was loaded with her first cargo destined for the north coast of South America.

The Vertom Joy is the fourth vessel to be brought into service on the European Caribbean Line, and it is by far the most impressive as it is twice the size of any of the other vessels we operate on the ECL. 

The size of the Vertom Joy means she is capable of carrying huge amounts of cargo, and special design features make it possible to load longer and higher cargo that wouldn’t fit on other vessels.

Thanks to the diesel-electric propulsion motor this vessel is equipped with, the Vertom Joy provides an environmentally friendly approach to shipping with dramatically improved fuel efficiency and the ability to sail into and out of port using only clean electric propulsion.

Cargo Capacity of MV Vertom Joy

For our customers, a key feature of the Vertom Joy is her cargo capacity. The unique, innovative design of the Vertom Joy means the vessel can carry extra long and high cargo that would not fit on any other vessel in our fleet. 

Uniquely, the accommodation and bridge are at the front, where the vessel narrows. This means the wider part of the vessel is available for cargo. All said and done, the Vertom Joy can carry 11,000 tonnes of cargo. 

As a result of her unique design, the open deck space is 100m long, enabling Vertom Joy to carry longer cargo than most other vessels. The Vertom Joy can easily fit windmill blades and other exceptional industrial parts. 

As well as having a long deck, the Vertom Joy has an unusually long hold. Most multipurpose cargo vessels have two holds due to the need for a supporting wall between the holds that supports the vessels’ structure. But the Vertom Joy is exceptionally sturdy and well-built and does not require the usual supporting wall. Therefore, there is only one, large hold rather than two smaller ones. Again, this means larger cargo can be fitted into the hold, which stretches an impressive 82.5 meters in length. 

The depth of the Vertom Joy’s hull is 12m, and the size of the cargo spaces below deck is adjustable. The Vertom Joy is equipped with 12 pontoons that can be adjusted to create a bulkhead of different sizes and separate the cargo. The Vertom Joy is also fitted with a tween deck where drums, bales, and similar cargo can be easily stored.

The Vertom Joy is certified to sail with open hatches.

What’s more, the Vertom Joy is certified to sail with open hatches, which is unusual for vessels in her class. She is equipped with huge bilge pumps that remove water from the hull as the vessel sails. This makes it possible to carry cargo higher than the hold by leaving the hatches open.

For loading and unloading, the Vertom Joy is fitted with two 80-tonne cranes. Together, these cranes can lift a combined weight of around 150 tonnes. Other vessels in the ECL have only half the lift capacity. Both cranes on the Vertom Joy have been painted in a distinctive, bold pink - the brand colours of the ECL.


The Vertom Joy’s Lighter Carbon Footprint

Shipping goods across the globe is a resource-intensive activity, but with new technologies and a willingness to implement them, this is starting to change. The Vertom Joy embodies this new approach, with an innovative and efficient engine design combined with our experimentation with cleaner fuel.

She is powered by three diesel generators that run an electric propulsion engine.

The Vertom Joy is powered by three diesel generators that run an electric propulsion engine. This means the vessel is propelled by electricity rather than directly by diesel, which in itself is already more efficient than older, diesel-only engines. The new design means the vessel can be more efficient at slower speeds, using just one or two generators when necessary. 

When slow steaming into a harbour, the Vertom Joy can run fully electric, resulting in less pollution in built-up areas. 

In addition, we’re currently testing the use of biofuels as a replacement for using diesel to power the Vertom Joy. We recognise that biofuels still have drawbacks and are far from the best solution, but they are the best option right now because other, cleaner options are not available everywhere yet.

We’re committed to increasing our environmental standards, and when better options are available we will pursue them. For now, we are pleased that the Vertom Joy is an efficient and fuel-pioneering vessel, with a lighter carbon footprint than most vessels in her class. 

Contact Us Today to Get Your Cargo on the Vertom Joy 

Would you like to know the next departure date of MV Vertom Joy? Then give us a call today or check the ECL website to find out if there is still space for your cargo on the next available sailing.

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