Christening Beauforte into our own Beautranga


Beautranga aangepast

New year, new ship

We have great news! 

We are proud to announce that Vertom has christened the ship Beauforte into our own Beautranga (the Surinamese name for ‘strong’). Beautranga is going to assist Beautrader and Beautriton as a third ship for the Europe Caribbean Line (ECL). 

Unfortunately we had to christen the Beautranga in silence due the COVID-19 regulations. But that doesn’t make the event or the ship less special.

Beautranga 2

Double up!

The christening happened on the 8th of December 2021 at Dunkirk, France. The main reason is the growth of our company and the demand for more sailings. As an example: with our two ships we can provide abt. 12 departures a year. With the arrival of Beautranga we can realize almost double the number of sailings. A huge improvement! 

Give us a call

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