Welcoming Vertom Joy to the Fleet


Vertom Joy

Meet our new vessel, the shining star in the Fleet of Europe Caribbean Line, “MV Vertom Joy”. Built to meet the highest standards in shipping, the construction of MV. Vertom Joy was completed early 2023. 

Vertom Joy: A State-of-the-Art Vessel

With an overall length of 128.26 meters and a width of 18.7 meters, MV. Vertom Joy is an impressively large vessel. She has 110 meters of flush deck space and her carrying capacity is a huge 11500 DWT - with plenty of room for securely carrying your cargo within the 80 meters of unobstructed box hold space. And with open top notation, this vessel has space for your high & heavy pieces too. 

MV. Vertom Joy is a state-of-the-art vessel with unique ECL coloured cranes. The two 80-ton cranes she is equipped with are capable of lifting a combined weight of 150 metric tons. This gives her the advantage of being able to load and unload almost any cargo in any port, regardless of the lifting facilities on the ground. 

Boasting a diesel-electric propulsion motor, Vertom Joy leaves a greener footprint on the routes she travels than most ships her size, helping us to fulfil our obligation to the climate. 


With the addition of MV. Vertom Joy, we are able to further expand our operations and offer more departures per year than ever before, with the capacity to handle all kinds of cargo, and lots of it!  

Give us a call

Would you like to know the next departure date of MV. Vertom Joy or one of our other ships? Please check our website: or give us a call to find out if there is still space for your cargo on the next available sailing. 

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