Shipping break bulk is an expertise



When shipping breakbulk, there is a lot involved. A relatively large amount of knowledge and material is required to make the goods sea-safe for transport. For example, chains and straps can be used to have goods arrive at their destination without damage. Vertraco's Europe Caribbean Line (ECL) specializes in breakbulk cargo. We transport large quantities in our ships on an annual basis.

Examples of break bulk cargoes that we regularly transport

  • steel beams
  • rebar
  • steel pipes
  • steel sheet piling
  • steel plates
  • pallets with potatoes and onions
  • pallets with oil barrels
  • big bags filled with bulk goods
  • vehicles
  • yachts

Sheetpiles 1breakbulk+kraan_vertraco

- Loading sheetpiles and an articulated dumptruck.

All these goods are loaded and secured in our ships. For this we work together with various parties. First, the goods go to the terminal by truck, train or inland vessel. The stevedore receives the goods on our behalf. He ensures that they are stored in the warehouse until our ship arrives to unload them.

"Sea transport is a complex world where we are fully at home."

Subsequently, a separate lashing company ensures that the break bulk cargoes are made sea-resistant in the ship. There are several ways in which employees realize this:

  • They skim steel products with dunnage.
  • They fasten big bags with the help of lashings.
  • Vehicles are secured to the ship using steel chains.

Steeldrums 2breakbulk+zeiljachten+verschepen_vertraco

- Loading steel drums and transporting yachts.

Do you have break bulk that you want to ship?

It is therefore a special profession to get breakbulk loads safely and without damage to their destination, and to achieve this various parties are required. Do you have a breakbulk cargo yourself and do you want to ship it? We are happy to assist you. Our ECL employees can be reached via the contact form, by e-mail and by telephone +31 (0) 10 285 87 00.

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