Having wind turbines transported by Vertraco – Here’s how it works


shipping windturbines

Wind turbines are a great source of green energy that doesn't pollute the air, burden the climate, or deplete raw materials. However, transporting these large structures can be a challenge since they don't fit into standard shipping containers. To give an idea of the scale of such projects: the average height of a wind turbine’s mast is between 60 to 120 meters. This is where Vertraco comes in. With our project cargo services, Vertraco can transport wind turbines to any location in the world.

With the door-to-door service, Vertraco ensures that the wind turbine reaches its destination, regardless of where it is in the world. For example, we previously transported wind turbines to the Caribbean. Not surprising, because despite the tropical temperatures, it is almost always windy on these islands and wind turbines are therefore a good way to sustainably generate electricity.

For the door-to-door service of wind turbines, a project-based approach is required. ECL specializes in project cargo, which means that nothing is too heavy, too long, too wide or too high. We ensure that it arrives safely at its destination

Good preparation is half the job

With project cargo you can think of an entire power station, metro trains and therefore wind turbines, in short: items that we have to load unpackaged. They do not fit in a box or container. This usually requires a long preparation, because we are dealing with all kinds of technical specifications. For example, we have to make lifting plans and we need advanced packaging materials.

For example, our employees will have to weld stoppers and install many chains to secure the project load. We often have to rent the lifting equipment for such loads.

Discuss project cargo

We draw up a plan for all this and discuss it with the customer. Upon agreement, we can start the project. The preparation is completely free of charge, so you only pay if you agree. It often takes several months before we can actually ship the project cargo, which is why it’s important to start preparing on time.


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