From A to B: A Step-by-Step Guide to Shipping with Vertraco


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Getting your cargo from A to B is what we do. In this step-by-step guide to working with us, we explain a little more about how the process works from the point at which we receive your request to the safe delivery of your cargo.

Receive the Request

When we receive your request, the first step for us is to provide a quote for your cargo based on the information you provide.

Our state-of-the-art vessels can handle cargo of all shapes, sizes, and weights, and we’re able to make just-in-time deliveries to meet project demands.

During our first conversation, we’ll ask you to outline your specific needs and we’ll ask about the size of your cargo, its dimensions, how heavy it is, and where it needs to be delivered and when.

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Provide a Quote

This information allows us to provide a quote for your cargo and to begin the necessary planning.

Once we have an agreement, we proceed with putting the cargo into our system.

This step secures your cargo’s place on our vessel and results in a reference document that is sent to you with instructions on how and when to deliver the cargo to the port.

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Cargo Delivery

Cargo can be delivered up to 42 days in advance, giving you plenty of flexibility to choose your own delivery date.

Depending on the cargo, we can accept deliveries up until one day before loading the vessel.

Export and Customs Documentation

Before receiving your cargo, we put together the necessary export documents and send them to the relevant customs offices. Making sure everything is ready for the shipment.

Shortly after, we will send out the draft Bill of Lading for final approval before issuing all Cargo Manifests for agents in the destination port.

It is also during this stage of the process that we will send you the invoice for the shipment of your cargo.

Loading and Shipping

Once the vessel arrives in the port, our crew and team of stevedores will take over. They handle the loading and securing of your cargo on the vessel, taking into account any special requirements.

While in transit, you can follow your cargo online using our track and trace system, which can be accessed here.

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Upon arrival at the port of destination, our agent will notify you and (if stipulated) any other party involved.

We hand over the cargo to your chosen representative and our part in the process of international shipping is complete.

The Return Journey

For us, the journey doesn’t end with the safe delivery of your cargo. Once we’ve disembarked, we begin loading cargo for the return journey. This could be anything from dry-bulk, breakbulk, or extraordinary equipment from well-known offshore companies.

Typically, 90% of the cargo is already scheduled well in advance, with around 10% of the cargo being last-minute additions.

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Secure Your Place on Our Next Voyage

With our vessels traveling back and forth between Europe, the Caribbean, and the north coast of South America every two weeks, we’re busy working through this process with clients every day.

To receive a quote for your cargo and to secure a place on our next voyage, get in touch today. 

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