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“Clothes make the man”

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Our team likes to roll up their sleeves – which is not only a testimony to their hard work, but also to the importance of their outfit. Because clothes, as a famous Dutch saying goes, clothes make the man. This is even more true for the hard physical work that has to be done on board the vessels of Europe Caribbean Line. The crew is equipped with all the required Personal Protective Equipment to be protected against the safety hazards in the shipping industry.

Style and mind

Safety is key priority but also a uniform standard in clothing worn by every single member of the crew, is an indispensable building block of team spirit. United in style, united in mind – streamlined teamwork becomes nothing less than the norm.

The tropical circumstances in the Caribbean require light working suits made of 100 % cotton while during the winter season in Europe warm and insulated overalls, gloves and coats are required.

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