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“There is more to it than you think.”

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Vertraco is an expert in oceanfreight and worldwide forwarding. However, this transport already starts on land, where we transport cargo from the supplier to the port. Vertraco- staff member since the very beginning, Dorine Pronk, tells us about her work in Logistics.

“I have been working here for 33 years, that is quite long, but I feel at home here. Firstly, because it is a men’s world. I like it when men make a dot, where women put a comma. Being rational suits me. And Vertraco also suits me. We have a very good connection as a team. We work hard, but we also laugh and we can discuss all kinds of things together. The atmosphere is so important, it is everything.”

Dynamic world

“In the beginning, I can still picture us sitting there in that office in the Spanish polder, I was working at the secretariat. After that, I went to container control and now I am working in logistics. That last one was made for me, it is incredibly fun! Transport is such a dynamic world. There is always something happening and I love that. At Vertraco we transport all kinds of different goods from all kinds of different countries in Europe to Suriname. This means just about anything you use in- and around the house. From toothpaste and laundry detergent to baby seats and furniture. Diversity means that there is always something new happening.”

“If the shipping is confirmed, I jump into action to organise the transport. There is more to this than you might think.

How it works

“In practice, it works like this: Companies that want to ship something to Suriname contact us and ask how much it will cost to collect and transport their goods to the port. I then request prices from our regular, dedicated hauliers and feed this back to the company. If the shipping is confirmed, I jump into action to organise the transport. There is more to this than you might think. It doesn’t just require good planning and communication. For example, you also require all kinds of documents and permits in order to be able to cross several borders. Apart from this I also liaise with the haulier what truck is needed and check beforehand with the supplier if the goods have already been paid for, so we can make sure that the carrier will receive the cargo.

Links in Transport

“From the port other colleagues take over from me. The sea transport is booked, the freight documents are drawn up, the cargo is delivered to the ship and our agent on the other side is at last ready to receive the goods. We are all a link in the whole transport process creating a smooth connection between the seller and the buyer. It is nice to be part of this chain. But the nicest thing must be the appreciation of a customer. A compliment or a sign of gratitude always makes me happy.”

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