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Transport Trucks Overseas

It is possible to transport trucks of every shape and size all over the world by ship. To transport trucks overseasrequires specialist knowledge and skills. The difficulty of the task depends on the size of the truck and whether or not it is operational. Various transport options are available to suit the specifications of almost any vehicle. 

There are three methods of transporting trucks by ship: roll-on, roll-off shipping; shared, exclusive, or flat rack containers; and disassembly and assembly. 

transport trucks
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Transport Trucks with Roll-On, Roll-Off Shipping

In some cases, it is possible to arrange roll-on, roll-off transportation for trucks. In order to use roll-on, roll-off transportation your vehicle must be operational. The truck will have to be driven on board the ship where it will be secured for the journey. Then, upon arrival at the port of destination, the truck will need to be driven onshore. 

Roll-on, roll-off transportation is the most common way of shipping vehicles. This is because it is the most straightforward and least expensive option available.  

Transport Trucks Overseas by Container 

To transport trucks that are no longer operational generally requires the use of a shipping container. There are two options when it comes to shipping a truck in a container: shared or exclusive. 

Transporting a truck in a shared container means other vehicles will also be inside the same container. Choosing an exclusive shipping container for your truck means your vehicle has a container to itself. This can be a good option for very large trucks and expensive trucks that need to protected from damage. However, an exclusive container is of course more expensive than sharing a container with the vehicles of other customers. 

For very large, or unusually shaped trucks it is possible to use a flat rack shipping container. Again, these come at an additional cost compared to normal containers. The exact price will depend on the specifications of the truck. 

Transport Trucks Using Disassembly and Assembly

As the name suggests, disassembly and assembly shipping requires you to take apart your vehicle prior to shipping. This makes loading, unloading, and storing your vehicle easier and can be a cost-effective option. 

The downside to this sort of shipping is that you must disassemble and reassemble your vehicles. For this reason, it is not the best option for everyone but in some cases it can make all the difference.  

transport trucks
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Transport Trucks with Vertraco Shipping

Here at Vertraco, we have 35 years of experience shipping every kind of cargo all over the world, including heavy machinery and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Our highly-trained stevedores and logistics experts know exactly what is required and can assist you every step of the way.

With our extensive network of shipping routes, well-established connections with ports, and exhaustive knowledge of the industry, we can transport trucks to almost anywhere in the world with ease. 

We specialise in shipping to the Caribbean on the Europe Caribbean Line. This service departs monthly with fixed stops that include Antwerp, Hull, Gijòn, Paramaribo, and Rotterdam. Additional stops can be added to the schedule to meet your requirements. 

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our truck transport service or to request a quote.


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