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Pallet transport is a delicate affair

When cargo has to reach areas without the capacity to process containers, shipping becomes difficult business. Many companies would be scrambling for solutions, yet Vertraco is a veteran in the game and knows the answer: the case calls for pallet transport. The veterancy of this shipping company is expressed in over 35 years of experience, and in the wide range of services offered to clients and the overall quality of its work.

pallet transport
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Pallet transport with the mark of quality

From multinationals to small businesses to individuals, Vertraco works with a large variety of clients. Whatever your logistical needs are, Vertraco can take care of them with precision and efficiency for a competitive price. One of the company’s pillars is open and clear communication and it can provide you with personal advice relevant to your business and unique situation. There is only one way that a shipping company can stay afloat for over 35 years. Without exception, Vertraco honours the trust that its many partners put in the company, offering unrivalled shipping.

“Pallet transport, especially in countries where container shipping companies are not active or not reliable, can be the quickest and safest way to transport your goods.”

Pallet transport: efficiently and fast to the Caribbean and South America

The unique selling point of pallet transport is its flexibility, as pallets can be sent directly to its destination after unloading. This saves time, is more cost-effective and decreases the chance of products getting damaged or lost on the way. Vertraco organizes transport to several different destinations in the Caribbean and the North Coast of South America. From Antwerp, the company transports on a monthly basis to Hull (United Kingdom), Gijón (Spain), Georgetown (Guyana), Paramaribo (Surinam), Point Lisas (Trinidad), Matanzas/Puerto Ordaz (Venezuela), and Rotterdam (The Netherlands). A wide range of different goods is eligible for pallet transport: this includes construction material, animal food, lights and even furniture.

pallet transport
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Pallet transport shipping safety and heat treatment

Vertraco’s trust in pallet transport rests for a great part on its special procedures. All pallets and other wood used by Vertraco undergo a special heat treatment in accordance with the ISMP 15 requirements. This heat treatment ensures that no harmful organisms can survive in the wood. Additionally, Vertraco ensures the safety of your cargo by making sure heavy pallets are not crushing their light or vulnerable counterparts with diligent planning of the loading process and the order in which the pallets are stored. Because of the wide range of different products and goods that are shipped using pallet transport, this careful consideration is absolutely essential to the well-being of the pallets. With special equipment, pallets are locked into place and even heavy storm cannot move them. This is how Vertraco can ensure a spotless transport.

Contact for the perfect solution

If the merits of pallet transport by Vertraco appear evident to you, do not hesitate to contact the company. This mode of transport can usually be arranged on a short-term basis, and Vertraco’s experts will gladly help you find your perfect solution. Before you know it, your cargo is on its way to its destination – without needless hassle, without high cost, with absolute confidence.

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