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Employees telling their stories: Jeroen Herders

foto Jeroen 2.jpg21 Mar

Jeroen has been working at Vertraco as an operational employee since December 2021. Through a recruitment agency specialising in the logistics sector, he was put in touch with the company: “I have been working in the logistics sector since 1998 and knew Vertraco from a collaboration with a previous employer. From the first moment, it felt familiar.”

Efficient logistics process

Particularly the company's small scale and direct lines of communication appeal to me. As an operational employee, I have several tasks that contribute to efficient logistics. This includes planning, safe transport with the available vessels and the administrative handling of cargo transport contracts to Latin America. Personally, I have a lot of affinity with these countries and the culture, which only makes my work more enjoyable. Together with a colleague, I perform this service within Vertraco.”


Visit to the ports

It is precisely because the work is so diverse and there are opportunities for growth that Jeroen is in the right place: “The work is challenging and dynamic due to the diversity of tasks. After working from home, I am happy to be back in the office. I work a lot in the office, but occasionally I also visit the ports and ships. It is important to maintain good contact with the captain and the crew of the ships. This way, I know exactly what is going on.”

ISO 9001 certification

“I am currently also working on the ISO 9001 certification. This is the international standard for quality management systems and with a certificate we show that our processes meet these standards. At the moment, I have sufficient challenges in my work, and I concentrate on the daily tasks and the success of the logistics process.”

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