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Employees tell their stories: Chris van der Sluijs

Beautriumphtugboot 119.jpg21 Mar

Chris has been with Vertraco since October 2021. In his role as commercial assistant, he is responsible for following up and monitoring agreements and works closely with operations: “I issue tariffs and discuss the space on board the ships. If one ship is full, I focus on the cargo of the next ship.”

Work experience in logistics

“After my logistics training, I started working for a customs agency where I worked mainly on drafting documents. Although I learned a lot, it was still a stepping stone to expedition and especially project expedition, where I eventually gained a lot of work experience. After five years of working for my previous employer, I was ready for something new. Via via, I got in touch with Vertraco. The work was completely different from what I was doing before, so I put a lot of thought into taking this step.”

“As a company, we take on different jobs, which means that every day is different.”

Training period and cooperation

For three months, Chris was trained by the person whose position he was going to take: “This colleague retired and initially we worked closely together. This allowed me to make the work my own and to get to know the customers. All our colleagues work on the same floor and therefore we all know what is going on. Every two weeks, there is a day of departure. We are all working towards that moment and thus have a joint project of which we are proud time and time again.”

Dumptruck 3

Varied questions and frequent customer contact

No single pallet is the same and customer questions vary a lot: “As a company, we take on different jobs, which means that every day is different. As a result, the work is challenging, and we always have a load with a different composition. I have a lot of customer contact by email, phone, and app. We take care of the logistics to Guyana and Suriname, which means that I now know more about the destination itself. A nice side effect of this job. Customers also like to come to the office for appointments and evaluations. By now I know all the customers and the work goes well. For the time being, I have found my place.”

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