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How does shipping steel cargo work?

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Buildings in the Caribbean are usually made of European steel. With its scheduled South Caribbean Service, ECL makes sure these materials get where they need to go. For as long as we have existed, ECL has been shipping steel cargo to the Caribbean. That is why we started our scheduled service, and is what we have been doing for the past 35 years.

Steel cargo

Steel cargo includes construction material such as reinforced steel, steel plates, steel beams, steel pipes, steel on rolls,  and so on. We ship large batches of steel cargo, ranging from hundreds of tonnes to a couple thousands of tonnes.

Shipping steel is not very complicated, but it is important that the cargo is loaded and unloaded properly. If a steel plate is laid flat on deck or on shore, for instance, we will never be able to lift it again, which is why we strive to prevent this at all times.

''We always ship steel cargo below deck, so that it does not come into contact with sea salt.''

We also make sure to secure steel cargo properly, so that it cannot shift during transport. The materials used to reinforce and secure the cargo, generally wooden beams, have to be extra strong and sturdy. It is also vital that the steel does not come into contact with salty water, which is why we always ship steel cargo below deck. Some shipping companies opt to transport steel cargo on the upper deck, but this will cause the steel to rust.

Loading below deck

Transporting steel cargo on the upper deck may be cheaper, but, ultimately, it will prove to be much more expensive for the end user. Weather can be rough at sea, so steel transported on the upper deck will always come into contact with salty sea water. We prefer long-term quality over short-term bargains.

Every day at sea, our crew checks whether the steel is still properly secured, so that you can be sure that your steel cargo will reach its destination undamaged. An ECL ship sails to the Caribbean every month. If you indicate that you would like us to transport your steel cargo in time, there will definitely be space on the ship.

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