A good eye for detail: Lars van de Merwe tells about the documentation department

IMG_0975.jpg03 Sep Lars van de Merwe is an employee at Vertraco’s documentation department. From the moment a booking comes in, he makes sure that all the information about the cargo is correct down to the smallest ... full story

Shipping never stops: an interview with our colleague Ruud Hak

VertracoBlog2Foto1.jpg20 Aug Ruud Hak is a senior employee at Vertraco. He works at the marketing & sales department, where he is responsible for communicating and working out shipping fares and booking shipments. Bookings ... full story

Make a booking and receive this pink flamingo for free!

flamingo actie 623 Jun Summer in Holland! It is getting hot this week. Very hot. The temperature will rise to 30 degrees en the sun will shine bright. What is the best solution to survive the heat and stay cool? Right, ... full story

Shipping break bulk is an expertise

Articulated Dumptruck 2.JPG18 Mar When shipping breakbulk, there is a lot involved. A relatively large amount of knowledge and material is required to make the goods sea-safe for transport. For example, chains and straps can be ... full story

New: pink ECL containers

RozeECLcontainer.jpg03 Dec You can’t miss them! Our new, bright pink ECL containers. The containers are in circulation as of this month. You can encounter them in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France and also in ... full story

New regulations for sulphur in marine fuel - IMO 2020

OpenSea29 Oct From January 1, 2020 new global regulation will come into force in the field of sulphur in marine fuel. IMO, International Maritime Organization, has decided that ships may only use low-sulphur ... full story

How does pallet transport work?

Hoe gaat pallet transport in zijn werk?_2.jpg19 Sep Some countries do not have container shipping companies, in which case pallet transport can be a good solution. At ECL, we regularly transport pallets to the Caribbean and various countries in ... full story

Shipping bulk cargo: a hold full of bulk cargo

Vertraco_Bulkshipping.jpg22 Aug Grain, rice, fertiliser, ore and animal feed are all examples of bulk cargo. Every year, ECL ships many tonnes of bulk cargo from Europe to the Caribbean and vice versa. Our ships are fully ... full story

How does shipping steel cargo work?

Wat komt er kijken bij het verschepen van staal?_1.jpg25 Jul Buildings in the Caribbean are usually made of European steel. With its scheduled South Caribbean Service, ECL makes sure these materials get where they need to go. For as long as we have existed,... full story

What is project cargo?

Wat houdt projectlading in?_2.jpg27 Jun Some cargo is too large or heavy to be transported by just any ship, as loading it would simply be too difficult. In that case, a project-based approach is required. ECL specialises in project ... full story

This is how ECL transports rolling stock

Zo vervoert ECL rollend materieel_1.jpg30 May Trucks, excavators, agricultural machines, tractors: ECL has been transporting everything that can drive and roll for over 25 years. Seeing this as a specialism that involves certain safety risks,... full story

ECL: 35 years of shipping cargo to the Caribbean

ECL- 35 jaar zeescheepvaart naar de Cariben_2.jpg02 May From Antwerp, Hull and Gijon to Georgetown, Paramaribo, Point Lisas, Matanzaz/Puerto Ordaz and back to Rotterdam. For over 35 years, Europe Caribbean Line (ECL) has been providing this service, ... full story
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