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Experienced shipping company based in Rotterdam: Vertraco

Vertraco Shipping B.V. has years of expertise as a shipping company based in Rotterdam. In the complex world of maritime transport, Vertraco has been the reliable partner of multinationals, entrepreneurs and individuals for over 35 years. With Europe Caribbean Line, we transport your goods to the Caribbean and the north coast of South America.

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With the largest port in Europe as its home base, Vertraco is in the right place as a shipping company based in Rotterdam. Our strength lies in our many years of experience (since the 1980s) and knowledge about the transportation of general cargo and project cargo. You will receive a realistic estimate of the duration of transportation in advance. We will keep you personally informed of the progress. That is how we stand out as a reliable shipping company based in Rotterdam.

The port of Rotterdam has become so large thanks to the excellent accessibility by sea and intermodal connections: the ideal place for a shipping company. In 2018, more than 30 million tonnes of breakbulk (general cargo) were handled in Rotterdam. The port of Rotterdam provides more than 380,000 jobs.

Destinations shipping company Rotterdam

Vertraco Shipping is the managing and commercial agent of Europe Caribbean Line (ECL). With our own unique shipping company, we offer two separate liner services between North-West Europe, the Caribbean and the north coast of South America. The Reefer service and the South Caribbean Service are ideal for multinationals, entrepreneurs and individuals. These liner services make it possible to ship goods quickly, directly and frequently.

“ECL, alongside Vertraco, as a shipping company based in Rotterdam, will ensure that you are not dependent on an external shipping company.”

With the Reefer service, a ship leaves from Dover and Vlissingen for Paramaribo (Suriname) and Georgetown (Guyana) every 2 weeks. The Reefer service is the fastest conceivable connection for transport by sea between these countries. Thanks to our reliable and experienced logistics network in both Suriname and Guyana, we can deliver your goods quickly and effectively.

The South Caribbean Service is a monthly liner service for both import and export loads between the Caribbean and Europe with fixed ports of call in Antwerp (Belgium), Hull (United Kingdom), Gijón (Spain), Georgetown (Guyana), Paramaribo (Suriname), Point Lisas (Trinidad), Matanzas/Puerto Ordaz (Venezuela) and the home port of our shipping company Rotterdam.

If we have sufficient cargo, we will make extra stops in surrounding ports in the region. This includes Saint George's (Grenada), Bridgetown (Barbados), Cayenne (French Guiana), Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe) and Fort de France (Martinique). Additional ports in Western Europe are also possible.

Shipping company Rotterdam Vertraco Shipping
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We conduct the liner services with modern multipurpose ships that transport various loads. This varies from steel and pallets to dry bulk such as grain and iron ore. We also ship vehicles in all shapes and sizes, project loads and break bulk (general cargo). Vertraco is an experienced shipping company in the transport of breakbulk.

The fleet is equipped with cranes that can each handle 40 tonnes; together they can hoist a weight of up to 75 tonnes. The high-quality equipment is reliable and safe thanks to intensive maintenance. Our trained crew ensures fast, reliable and safe handling of every type of cargo.

“In all the ports we visit, we work with a permanent team that is familiar with both our ships and our goods.”

Every year, ECL ships substantial tonnages in breakbulk and project cargo, including a relatively large amount of rolling stock and yachts. We are fully responsive to serving customers with all kinds of cargo types, everything is possible. We guarantee all our customers a customised solution for every transport demand. How can Vertraco be of assistance to you?
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