Break bulk for large and heavy general cargo

Vertraco Shipping B.V. has been a player in the world of international air, road, and sea transport for over 35 years. Our own shipping company, Europe Caribbean Line (ECL), ships all types of cargo between north-west Europe, the Caribbean, and the north coast of South America. Break bulk, the transport of general cargo that is too heavy for an airplane or doesn’t fit in a container. Our ships, and our specialised stevedores and agents, are equipped to deal with breakbulk.

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General cargo loads that are too big or too heavy to fit in a container also need to be transported. This is where Vertraco Shipping comes in as a specialist in all types of loads, including breakbulk. Sea transport is a complex world, in which we're fully at home. That's why we can deliver your goods quickly, decisively, and with care - all over the world. We specialise in transporting so-called break bulk. The ships operated by our shipping company, Europe Caribbean Line (ECL) are equipped to do just that. Our agents and stevedores on location have many years of experience working with break bulk.

Break bulk

Break bulk includes general cargo and goods that don’t fit in standard containers. Break bulk is therefore different to bulk goods such as petroleum or grain. General cargo is instead transported individually, often in a case or in a crate. Examples of general cargo include construction equipment, production materials, and yachts. The strength of Vertraco lies in transporting these different types of cargo on one ship. "In addition to break bulk, we also transport, for example, project cargoes and rolling stock," says Jan Brinkman.

While break bulk is an effective way to ship extra-large freight, it’s more time consuming than container transport as each item is loaded and unloaded individually.

"One important advantage of break bulk is that large and heavy items can still be transported simultaneously."

We take most of the work off your hands by transporting these large items from A to B, along with our own shipping company that has regular services to the Caribbean and the north coast of South America.

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Advantages of break bulk shipping

Break bulk is generally more expensive, because the freight takes up more space on the ship than freight in containers. However, break bulk can be an affordable transport method because the goods don’t have to be disassembled first and then reassembled later. The time we save by avoiding this also means the goods are ready for shipment earlier.

Break bulk transport

ECL ships have been outfitted to transport break bulk. They are equipped with special cranes and other equipment to load and unload large and heavy products. With our expertise and our own shipping company, we can transfer large amounts of goods by ship from north-west Europe to the Caribbean and the north coast of South America. Our agents and stevedores have a reliable logistics network on site.

Vertraco Shipping is the managing and commercial agent for the ECL. With our own, unique shipping company, we offer two separate liner services between north-west Europe, the Caribbean and the north coast of South America. The Reefer Service and the South Caribbean Service allow us to ship goods quickly and frequently.

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